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Short stories or slightly longer stories or semi-literate explorations. May your eyes not struggle too much as I grasp for the world’s most sophisticated fart joke.

Briefly: your Milwaukee stories and mine on the demolition derby (kind of)

Two items, connected by the marvelous crew at Cleveland’s Belt Publishing: ONE: What’s your Milwaukee story? Your painful, silly, and only-in-the-Cream-City tale? I’m editing/curating an anthology of nonfiction Milwaukee personal stories and essays. Details here, get your submissions in by … Continue reading

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Tough Times for Everyone

Car bra?

[Temporarily removed as of Nov. 17, 2015; to be published in the forthcoming short story anthology, “The Art of Losing” from online writing workshop, Thinkerbeat. Visit them. If you enjoy their open and sharing nature, feel free to join and/or … Continue reading

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