“The Now End of the Universe”

A band I’m in, FUDGY, is closing out 2020 with the release of “The Now End of the Universe”, our 30-song, two LP big idea/goof album.

You can only purchase it by making a donation to the nonprofit Pathfinders. They support teens at risk of homelessness in southeastern Wisconsin. Suggested donation is $25-to-$50 and once you make it, email me the receipt and your mailing address at robotkern [at] hotmail [dot] com.

[Milwaukee Record kindly wrote a more detail description of the whole thing here.]

This isn’t a scam, it’s away around the commercial trappings of music.

This album is the most personal and ridiculous project I’ve ever been involved in (so far).

About Justin

Justin Kern pays the annual bill to own this domain that contains his name. What you see here is a sampling of how he chooses to use that online space. He lives in Milwaukee and still plays Sega Genesis.
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