The Milwaukee Anthology: now for-real and in paper form!

Find it here from Belt Publishing!

(per the back cover …)The Milwaukee Anthology is a book on hope and hurt in one of America’s toughest ZIP codes, brightest Midwestern ‘burgs and biggest U.S. small towns.

In these pages are the stories of a Grecian basketball superstar in the making against an unlikely backdrop; of Sikh temple services that carry on after a notorious, hateful mass shooting; of campaign trail dreams of a unified view of Wisconsin, shared with a side of beef. You will hear from Riverwest, Sherman Park and the South Side; Hmong New Year shows, 7 Mile Fair, and the Rolling Mill labor commemoration.

Edited by Justin Kern, with personal essays, narratives, poems, and art from more than fifty contributors including Dasha Kelly, Pardeep Kaleka, James E. Causey, Matt Cook, and Michael Perry, it’s a snapshot of the Cream City as it hopefully, painfully meets the future.”

About Justin

Justin Kern pays the annual bill to own this domain that contains his name. What you see here is a sampling of how he chooses to use that online space. He lives in Milwaukee and still plays Sega Genesis.
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