Published musical attempts

Fudgy: Currently active pile of weirdness out of Milwaukee. Here you will find our albums (two in 2016 and one double-album out in 2020). Other lathe cuts and bric-a-brac available.

Solutions: A heavy output between four friends and supported by many more. Here’s a link to our LP/digital download on the inestimable Iron Lung Records.

Crappy Dracula: Another active ball of silliness. Here is an interview with us by Piet Levy in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. And this is eBay page to get the music for cheap from Dug, our bassist and cheerleader.

Robot Has Werewolf Hand: A five-piece, wily hardcore band with a lot of activity in a short amount of time. Here is a page of songs and info. And here is a video of our last show, June 2004 in Buffalo @ Mohawk Place with Forward, Artimus Pyle and Sunday Morning Einsteins.

They Live: A WNY hardcore institution, I put in my time from 2001-2004. Here is a 46-second video of us playing at Gilman Street, courtesy of Kill That Cat.

The Pissants: My punk band in high school in Dunkirk, N.Y. We had mohawks but not in a fashionable way. We really liked skate punk and sounded like this.

Carl: An acoustic act I managed … this damaged vet had more heart than most of Crazy Horse and mid-1980s Neil Young combined. His discography, courtesy of Drug Party Tapes.




Bands names I am hoping to use in the near future, with you or most any other interested parties:

* Basque Pelota
* Confident Cowboy
* Safe Word
* Idol Cranes


Please reach out if you would like me to write a jingle for your business or band or bachelorette party. Low expectations & low rates.