Briefly: your Milwaukee stories and mine on the demolition derby (kind of)

Two items, connected by the marvelous crew at Cleveland’s Belt Publishing:

ONE: What’s your Milwaukee story? Your painful, silly, and only-in-the-Cream-City tale? I’m editing/curating an anthology of nonfiction Milwaukee personal stories and essays. Details here, get your submissions in by May 2018 Too late: summer 2018 update … it’s up for pre-order and almost out for manuscript edit. See y’all for the release party, spring 2019. Thank you for the writers and artists who have given a piece of yourself toward this dope book.

TWO: What’s my hometown story? Well, a lot of things, of course, but some of those things came together in this piece I wrote on the demolition derby; my uncle and loony family friend whom we called uncle; the 2016 Presidential election; Wisconsin political pablum; and Mark Texeira’s Ghost Rider. It’ll be in this book with some damned good writers, out June 2018 and available for pre-order now.

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Justin Kern pays the annual bill to own this domain that contains his name. What you see here is a sampling of how he chooses to use that online space. He lives in Milwaukee and still plays Sega Genesis.
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