Four-Minute Brags

Four-minute brags, a few minutes to write about writing that took hours to accomplish …

Over the next two months, I’ll have a whole mess o’ words printed for other people to see. For starters, I’ll be at the Milwaukee Zine Fest held at the marvelous downtown Milwaukee Public Library. I’ve had a few ‘zine ideas kicking around or dormant that I plan to push on purveyors, including “Eat Me” (a collection of images/documentation where pigs and french fries and lemon candies ask you to devour them, with a grin); “True Graf” (graffiti in its raw, unadulterated and un-adult forms); and “Eclectic Billionaire Quarterly” (self explanatory). It’s been a while since I pulled together ideas and art in pretend magazines. But after I sell these, they’re gone for good.

Secondly, I’ll be trekking with my homeboy Todd across these Great Lakes to Buffalo for the release party of “Right Here, Right Now: The Buffalo Anthology“. Fiction, poetry and journalism syndicate BELT has done an awesome job of compiling Buffalo’s proudest and loudest. And, for whatever reason, they were charmed enough to include my story on jail runaway/folk hero, Ralph “Bucky” Phillips.

Okay, my four minutes is up. Really, it took more than four minutes after I realized I spelled “Anthology” wrong and added a picture of a dragonfruit I cut once. Go Bills.

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Justin Kern pays the annual bill to own this domain that contains his name. What you see here is a sampling of how he chooses to use that online space. He lives in Milwaukee and still plays Sega Genesis.
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